Friday, 1 September 2017

Do Not Resuscitate: When Your Relationship Is Really OVER

Many of you can understand from personal experience that when it comes to the ending of relationships it can be a very painful and confusing time. Often times individuals cling to relationships that have long past their expiry date. Or some leave far too soon, not really giving the relationship and their partner what they really deserve which is an honest effort. Relationships can really take a beating and can still recover from mind blowing extremes. Even build a stronger, happier and healthier relationship than before the troubles, break or split up. However there are times in which there is a point of no return and there will not be a positive outcome should the relationship continue on.  Here are a few signs that your relationship is very much over and you really should consider a new path, a new direction for your personal well being.

SIGNS Your Relationship Is Over:

1. From the outside looking in this first sign would seem fairly obvious. Unfortunately when an individual invests their heart, soul, enough time and effort it might not be so clear. If you HATE your partner or your partner hates you, it is over. I am not talking about being angry, hurt or upset. I am referring to deep-seated resentment and viscous thoughts, words or actions. If one of you wishes bad upon the other or goes to the extent of causing harm in anyway to the other. 

Most couples will experience conflict and difficulties that can lead to one acting out whether it is through self sabotaging behavior or reaching out to someone outside of the relationship. Extramarital affairs and cheating are often a result of struggles within the relationship. For the most part self sabotaging and cheating is not hating your partner, although it can be depending on the circumstances. The hate I am referring to is deeper and darker. It is a feeling of loathing or disgust. There is no way to come out of this in a positive way.

2. The next sign is the opposite of the first sign. If you feel nothing at all and you really don't care anymore, it is over. Too often in the heat of the moment, the height of an argument or fight, one partner leaves or calls it quits. Depending on the situation this can be the wrong decision. If you still care, especially if you care very deeply then it could just be space or time that is needed, not a complete split. When it is very much over is when one or both really doesn't care anymore. For example there would have been a time when the thought of your partner with someone else would make your heart hurt but now you really don't care. One of the hardest break ups is when one individual cares very much but the other does not. Not caring at all is the tell tale sign that you are finished.

3. The third sign is when there is no more laughter, it is over. When the dynamic within the relationship has become so serious and the lightness is gone completely this is a horrible place to be in. You would be surprised to know how many couples can laugh during or after an argument. Sometimes even if the conflict is over very serious issues. This is an indication of a lightness within the energy dynamic that is very positive and safe. If you still can laugh with your partner there is still some magic and something powerful there. 

When it comes to matters of the heart there is an infinite amount of possibility. Loving and passionate feelings can open doors within you that reach you on a soul level. Powerful feelings that really bring out the best in you. If you ever reach a point that you have become the worst version of yourself do not ever ignore this. There is a Dr. Phil quote that I really do agree with: "The only thing worse than being in a bad relationship for a year is being in a bad relationship for a year and one day." 
~ Dr. Phil. 

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Vibes for the month of August

Known as the Great American Eclipse, on August 21, 2017, North America will witness an eclipse of the sun for the first time in 99 years, where the Moon will pass in front of the Sun casting darkness across swathes of the Earth's surface. With this comes very strong energy shifts. Much of August there has been alot of restlessness, an energy that is building up. This can be felt with emotions and inner desires wanting to be unleashed. For those who are in touch with their inner truth this eclipse will open door ways to manifest your inner most passions and workings. One might ask, what does it mean to be in touch with your inner truth? If your thoughts, words and actions are in complete alignment you are very much connected to your higher self and are in your truth.

To connect to this level of awareness, inner peace and be in touch with the harmony of the universe is a process. Sometimes a life long process. This solar eclipse is going to really be an awakening for those who are in a state of  being unclear, feeling as though you are in limbo or on the fence in various aspects of your life. Moments of clarity will be seen in the coming months as the universe closes doors that need to be closed in your life. New opportunities will arise and new parts of you will emerge. For those of you who are not ready to face certain truths in your life, hidden truths will be exposed over the next several months.

Chance meetings, unexpected run in's are to be expected before the end of the year. Unfinished emotional business will be brought to the forefront and a much needed emotional clearing will work to help you create room in your heart and mind.

A powerful energy of information and learning is coming into focus for many. There is a real need to get the facts and compile details, intelligence. Being uninformed and in a very vulnerable condition is something of the past.

An intense level of uncertainty with the times (politically, economically) brings a feeling of needing to connect with what really matters and a feeling around getting back to the basics.

August is a month of plenty. Heightened emotions, excessive spending and indulging. Also planning and preparation for the coming winter. This comes through as being particularly important this year, more so than previous years. This year has brought forward a real vibe of expect the unexpected and anything goes.

As the month of August comes to an end: trust that despite life happening all around you in ways you are not comfortable with, you are exactly where you need to be right now. Take time to connect to summer's close and be grateful for the good that you have in your life.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

What you can do to get the BEST Reading!

Two common questions among new clients at the time of booking are: "Is there anything I should do to prepare for my reading?" and "What should I expect from the reading?"

What you can do to prepare for your reading:

~ Be open!
~ Have a clear mind.
~ Have a pen and paper handy if you want to take notes, or feel free to record your session.
~ I am very punctual so be ready for the time scheduled.

What you can expect from a reading:

I offer Psychic Medium Readings and In-depth Mediumship Sessions primarily by phone throughout Canada and USA. I do provide In Person Readings based on availability out of my house in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Before all reading appointments I take some time to connect to my client's energy using a process of meditation and automatic writing. I do not require any information from my client, not a photo or anything. I also do not ask any questions. For the majority of the appointment I provide all the channeled messages, psychic visions and information that come through, leaving time for questions at the tail end of the session.

The readings that I offer are conducted using a high level of sensitivity, professionalism and ethics. Fear not, the messages and information that come through are for your highest good.

Psychic Medium Readings: Psychic visions and spiritual messages connected to your past, present and future. Insight that resonates on a very deep level to help with direction and clarity. Messages relating to loved ones including pets who have crossed over help you gain peace and validation of your own connection. Details and information that only you would know are given.

In-Depth Mediumship Session: Focused solely on connections to the other side. Beneficial for individuals seeking extensive and thorough mediumship. Highly confidential and handled with the utmost professionalism.

Recommended Tips For Finding A Reputable Psychic Medium:

~ Choose a Psychic Medium or Medium who specializes in providing readings.

~ Connect with a Psychic Medium who you have been referred to by someone you trust or has reviews through a reputable third party website.

~ A higher price does not equate a better reading. It is a good idea to schedule your reading with someone who offers a range of prices and time. You do not need to break the bank and commit to an hour reading in order to receive valuable information and messages.

~ Do not select a Psychic Medium based on supposed certification or a list of classes listed on their website. Classes/ certification is not regulated and ultimately does not suggest anything more than the individual paid for some classes.

~ Avoid Psychic Mediums who place alot of emphasis on their learning from a so called famous Psychic Medium. The emphasis should be on their own abilities.

~ Stay far away from any Psychic Medium who removes curses or offers any type of spell casting for a fee.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Major Life Changes & Women's Hair

If you are ever wondering what is happening in the life of a woman. Look no further than the top of her head to her hairstyle. Around the time of life altering changes; before, during or after women will change their hair. Sometimes more drastically than others, but her hair will change. The reasons for this vary. To match a new lifestyle, to exude a new confidence, to break out of a comfort zone. This article is a cautionary tale of the rise and fall of my tresses, my reflections and words of wisdom.

Every woman has her hair (reality) and a vision in her head of her dream hair. For the most part I have always had shoulder length to long hair. I have greatly admired women who wear their hair short. Classic chin length bobs to super short pixie hair. Short hair on the right face with the right body, looks incredible. It puts focus on the face, neck and shoulders so beautifully. How could anyone miss the absolute femininity in this. Plus short hair always makes any outfit look chic.

After leaving a long term job, selling my home and a loved one who I was the closest to passed away suddenly, all in a relatively short time frame. I did what most women do when the world they once knew vanishes before their eyes. I grabbed the scissors. To water this down a little, I was trained to cut hair. It started off innocently enough. I went from mid-back to shoulder length. This did not make any impact on my look or spirit. So I took it up a notch, shoulder length to a short layered look that kept a little length with the style. This is where I should have quit. Under regular life changing circumstances I probably would have left well enough alone.

Nope, I took it to the next level. What was supposed to be a chic, Parisian inspired pixie style. Turned out to be a buzz cut. I was one hair cut away from being bald. The love of my life called it a "skull cap". Well let me tell you my new look did get a handful of compliments (all from women). It also provoked alot of backlash and negative reviews for the most part. In my opinion, it looked alright, ok, fine. Clearly not the look I was going for.

There is a saying "the only difference between a good and bad haircut is two weeks." Well whoever came up with this little cutie is nuts. It took a full year to grow my hair out to a flattering length and two years to grow my hair long again. Here is some of the epiphanies I had during the two years:

~ Love really is blind
~ If someone really loves YOU, your physical appearance will not be what really matters
~ People who actually care about you will not put you down
~ Dogs will love you with any hairdo
~ Beauty is really in how you carry yourself
~ You should not use the same amount of conditioner for short hair that you did for long hair unless you want to look really greasy
~ Parisian Chic is a multifaceted style not a haircut
~ You can straighten your hair to new extremes but your hair is still short

If you are in the process of growing out your hair here is a survival guide list of tips:

~ Dangle earrings go a long way 
~ Collared shirts, turtle necks and scarves for days when you miss your long hair, for a feeling of being covered
~ Accentuate your best feature on your face and body to boost your confidence
~ Be proud of yourself for being so daring
~ Regular trims to keep your hair healthy and to avoid having a mullet

Chopping off my hair was truly an eye opening experience. It is remarkable that hair really can be a safety blanket. As well as a magnifying glass for how we really feel about ourselves. Where we are in our life and how we are feeling at the time is revealed in our physical appearance. Your physical body is an extension of the real you. Be kind to yourself and your hair during the challenging times of struggle. 

"I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles."

~ Audrey Hepburn

Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Spirit of Sedona: Powerful Healing & Transformation in the Desert

Inside all of us is a deep rooted connection to the earth. More specifically an earthly element that resonates with the inner workings of our being. For some the ocean ebbs and flows through their soul. For others a song from the forest is heard by their true self. As far back as I can recall I have felt the powers of the desert alive inside my heart and soul. 

When I was a child I had not only dreams and visions of the desert but also memories. This was incredibly bizarre because I had not yet traveled to a desert nor did I have any exposure to anything really to do with the desert.

My very first actual experience with the desert was to Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, I was captivated by the sensory overload of the neon lights, glamorous Vegas show girls and had beginners luck with the one armed bandits. I was however even more attracted to the vastness and mystery that surrounded Las Vegas. 

Over the years my gravitation to the desert has led me back to explore the Great Basin, Mojave and Sonoran Desert. From the eerily deserted roads to hiking the trails and becoming one with the flora and fauna. Watching a lightning storm of the desert sky is truly like no other. As an Albertan I am very much accustomed to magnificent open skies that showcase the most amazing light shows.

A handful of years back I spent a portion of my summer enjoying the luxuries and heat of Arizona. My life was at such a cross road and I was truly at one of the lowest points in my life. As it goes sometimes a new direction and the right path was not yet shown to me. 

I had done some research on the healing powers of the Vortexes in Sedona, Arizona and felt such a pull toward them. Upon arriving in Sedona I felt an inexplicable vibration. There are four main Vortexes in Sedona which are further categorized as feminine (energy entering the earth) and masculine (energy coming out of the earth). Cathedral Rock is identified as feminine, Airport Mesa and Bell Rock as masculine, Boynton Canyon is a combination of both. 

Now I am not sure if it was the summer heat or not understanding our map, but we took a few wrong turns on our hike. It really felt as though we were in the nexus of the universe. There is no real X marks the spot for each Vortex. Twisted Juniper branches and rock pile formations are found where the energy is the strongest.

Alot of information came through to me in a meditation at each location. Visions and answers to questions I had came through very vividly. All of which were 100 % accurate. 

Initially after leaving Sedona I did feel a real calm and sense of peace within. Returning home nothing at the time seemed to be any different though. Not immediately that is. The next several months came and went and my life literally transformed beyond my wildest dreams. The universe guided me in a way that I can not even begin to explain. Everything that was wrong in my life at the time came undone and untangled. My path was crystal clear to me, I had no doubt in my mind or heart. Opportunities presented themselves at exactly the right time. My life truly changed for the better. 

The desert continues to be my favorite and most spiritual place in the world. A beautifully written book that I highly recommend is called The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart by Ilchi Lee. 

"If you have a dream in your heart that beats with the pulse of the night sky, then your soul is happy."
~ Ilchi Lee

Monument Valley

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Shining A Light On A Few Misconceptions About Psychic Mediums

Psychic and mediumship abilities have been demonstrated through the ages sparking great controversy. Historical events such as the Salem Witch Trials of the early 1690's offer a disturbing look at the grave consequences of sharing ones gift with the public. While our world has evolved on so many levels unfortunately there still exits very strong views on the matter that are terribly negative and even hateful.

A few exceptionally high profile individuals with the gift:

~ Nostradamus
~ Mark Twain
~ Jeane Dixon
~ Edgar Cayce
~ Baba Vanga

For those of you who are interested in a deeper understanding of all angles of psychic phenomena here is a short list of recommended subjects worth looking into:

~ Physics Law of Conservation Of Energy
~ Quantum Physics
~ Metaphysics

Recommended Authors:

~ Diane Hennacy Powell (Former Harvard Professor)
~ Russell Targ (American Physicist & Parapsychologist) 
~ Eben Alexander (American Neurosurgeon)

Misconception # 1: Psychic Mediums don't deserve respect. 

Working as a Psychic Medium I have witnessed first hand that this calling has a tendency to ignite a wide scope of reactions from people including vile outrage. I have encountered everything from charitable organizations deeming this career choice "too controversial" to be allowed to offer my support. To individuals feeling the need in social situations to let the world know in very rude contexts that they don't believe in Psychic Mediums. This industry is not for the weak I can assure you. Successful Psychic Mediums are not on this path to change your viewpoint or transform your beliefs. Validation exists in the high volumes of repeat clients and referrals. Recognition from people who offer sincere appreciation for the insight and peace delivered through the messages provided in readings. 

Misconception # 2: Psychic Mediums should know the winning lottery numbers.

Being a Psychic Medium is often confused with encompassing the all knowing powers and secrets of the universe. The reason I only charge a modest fee for my readings and I'm not charging thousands of dollars per session is that my ability has limitations. I have absolutely no control over what or who comes through in a reading. I channel messages and information by connecting to your energy through a process of meditation and automatic writing. I work with a high level of professionalism and provide readings to promote and encourage personal wellness. 

Misconception # 3: Psychic Mediums are as depicted on TLC's Long Island Medium.

It is against my personal ethics to invade others energy. I do not provide readings to anyone outside of a scheduled reading appointment in which my client has allowed me to connect to their energy. It is important to understand that television shows particularly reality shows are edited to produce dramatic emotional responses from viewers. I suppose that's why I'm not on television, a show with me watching Real Housewives and walking my dogs wouldn't exactly make for riveting programming.

Stay tuned for more articles on common misconceptions and other topics relating to Psychic Mediums.

Monday, 6 February 2017

A Dream Closet That's No Closet At All: The Art of Minimalism

Before I begin my story of how I was introduced to the life changing concept of minimalism. I am now thinking I should keep this on the down low out of fear of what the men in my life will now store in my virtually empty closet. Hmmm... bones, power tools, perhaps a George Foreman grill, YIKES!

One of my greatest passions in life is travel. Over time my checked baggage grew lighter with each new destination. Soon my full sized suit case was down sized to a carry on that was the maximum height and weight permitted in the cabin. Discontinuing to check my bag became a must as I started to travel long distances and tight connections meant a greater chance of my bags not making the connection. I have been very fortunate to have never been the victim of lost baggage and always had the fear that one day I would be. As I ventured off on new adventures my carry on bag started to get smaller and lighter. Those who travel often know that bigger and heavier baggage means more hassle and more to lug around. I began to research online ways to pack less. I came across tips from pro-travelers, one guy said that: the best way to not over pack is to not take a bag, brilliant!

One of the greatest feelings for me on a holiday is the complete feeling of freedom. Lighter bags equated to an even greater feeling of freedom. This amazing feeling always dwindled upon coming home. My home is in fact my favorite place in this world but that feeling of freedom and endless possibilities was just not the vibe in my home. It became clear to me that my home was full of so many THINGS. Alot of junk really just taking up space. As a child I grew up in a home that was very clean and clear of clutter. My mom was always on the lookout for what was no longer in use and could be given to charity. So how did my home as an adult get jammed up with so much crap?!

I had heard of the concept of minimalism but somehow envisioned this as some trendy idea that involved wearing thick, funky eyeglasses and dressing really modern. Luckily I stumbled upon the teachings of Marie Kondo and learned that minimalism is more about only having what sparks joy. After an epiphany of realizing that I should only surround myself with what sparks joy I started with a much needed culling and discarding of clothing and items in my home. It is amazing how much one can accumulate over time. Decluttering delivered not only more space but a real feeling of freedom. 

Some benefits of Less is More:

~ Small spaces appear much larger
~ Big savings
~ Appreciating what you have
~ Only purchasing clothing that you LOVE
~ Buying less inexpensive clothing and buying more good quality pieces with longevity
~ Realizing that you have everything you really need
~ Less stress
~ More of a focus on non-material items

My goal is to not even have a closet. Only to have one fabulous decorative clothing rack that showcases my clothing as a work of art. Having only clothing that I use on a daily basis on display. Ha ha, this might be a concept that my dog Teddy will have to be introduced to slowly. He currently finds great joy in running around the house with any clothing he finds. 

Here is a short list of items I believe every woman should have in her closet:

~ Beautiful well constructed, warm sweater
~ Cozy pair of pants for relaxing in on the weekend
~ Of course a little black dress that you feel beautiful in
~ Comfy yet stylish jeans
~ Classic flowy, drapey blouse 
~ Tailored blazer (are they called jackets now? ha ha I'm not that young anymore)

Life is really for living! Less of what you don't need and more of what you really do need. Appreciate what you have in this moment.